10 famous female financial advisers

Compiling a list of well-known female financial advisers is not easy. That’s because there are very few well-known women’s lists among well-known financial advisors. The two most famous are Suze Orman and Melody Hobson. Both are media darlings.

The other women listed below may not be known to the public, but they are all known for their outstanding achievements in their respective fields.These celebrity financial advisors are among the best Barron’s The top 100 female financial advisors in 2020 manage billions of dollars in assets.

Key points

  • Suze Orman and Melody Hobson are two of the most famous and influential female financial advisors.
  • Other female financial advisors may not be household names, but they are the best in their fields.
  • They are included in Barron’s The annual ranking of the top 100 female financial advisors in the United States highlights their achievements in terms of total assets under management, income, and quality of practice.

1. Suzolman

Suze Orman is a certified financial planner (CFP) and one of the country’s most well-known financial guru. She hosted the Suze Orman Show on CNBC for 13 years and continued to appear frequently in various media. Orman also hosts a podcast called “Women and Money”. Her one-stop financial planning empire covers all areas of a person’s financial life, providing everything from debt eliminators and expense tracking tools to various estate planning tools and insurance evaluation toolkits.

Allman has written many best-selling personal finance books, including You have already got it, don’t lose it! and Financial management book for young, good and bankrupt.

2. Melody Hobson

Melody Hobson is the co-CEO and president of Ariel Investments, a mutual fund company and investment management company headquartered in Chicago. She often appears on national television.

Hobson was also a strong advocate of African American financial literacy. In 2015, she won the prestigious Time magazine List of the 100 most influential people in the world. Hobson is also chairman of Starbucks and a member of the board of directors of JPMorgan Chase.

Suze Orman started as a stockbroker, and Melody Hobson started her 30-year career at Ariel Investments when she was a summer intern recruited by Princeton University.

3. Kimberlios

Kimberlee Orth was named number one Barron’s In 2020, it rose from the second place in 2019. She is a private wealth consulting company of Ameriprise Financial Services and an advisor to the Orth Financial Group of the same name. She manages 1,089 families with 3 billion US dollars in assets and has a team of 18 people.Orth, who has a 33-year career, often appears in Barron’s Ranking.

4. Karen McDonald

Karen McDonald, managing director of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, ranked first in the 2019 survey and second in 2020. She manages more than 91.5 billion U.S. dollars in assets (AUM), and leads a team of 15 people, serving more than 56,000 customers. McDonald’s has more than 40 years of investment experience.

5. Stephanie J. Steiffel

Stephanie J. Stiefel, ranked third for the second consecutive year, is the managing director and head of client development of Straus Group, which is part of Neuberger Berman’s private asset management department. The group manages US$2.4 billion in assets for 218 clients, with an average net asset of US$45 million.

6.Valerie Newell

Valerie Newell is the chief and senior wealth advisor of Mariner Wealth Advisors in Cincinnati. Her team of 45 people manages 1,251 client families with total assets of US$3.4 billion. She ranked fourth for the second consecutive year and has 33 years of business experience.

7. Deborah Montaperto

Deborah Montaperto is Morgan Stanley’s managing director and private wealth advisor, and a partner in the Polk Wealth Management Group, part of the bank’s private wealth management department. Polk is headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida, with a team of 28 people, providing consulting services for more than $27 billion in assets to 237 clients with an average net worth of $150 million. Montaperto rose from seventh place in 2019 to fifth place in 2020, and has been included in it since 2010.

8. Johanna Walters

Johanna Walters ranked sixth for the second consecutive year and is the managing director and financial advisor of Lambert Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Pennsylvania. Her 16-person team manages $4.4 billion in assets for 692 clients. Walters has 22 years of experience.

9. Susan Kaplan

Susan Kaplan, president of Kaplan Financial Services in Newton, Massachusetts, ranked seventh in 2020, up from eighth in 2019. She manages more than $2 billion in assets for 175 clients. Kaplan’s media presence includes Bloomberg News, CNBC, etc.She has been listed Barron’s Ranked many times and has 35 years of experience in this field.

10. Yu Gillian

Gillian Yu, managing director of Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management in San Francisco, ranked eighth Barron’s List. Yu manages $6.7 billion in assets for 40 clients. Her ultra-high-net-worth clients have an average net worth of US$100 million. Yu was born and raised in Taiwan and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese. She ranked fifth in 2019.

Bottom line

Although most famous female financial advisors are not household names, their achievements are worth noting. Although the total number of women in the financial services industry is small, this list of accomplished women clearly highlights their talents and abilities to thrive in traditionally male-dominated fields.


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