4 ways to connect with customers on LinkedIn

Social media networks have become an important tool to help financial advisors keep in touch with existing customers, connect with potential customers, and communicate regularly with influence centers through information sharing. Although social media channels are an acceptable communication channel, some consultants are still reluctant to reach out to and establish contact with clients online. why is that?

It may be because your company has not developed compliance guidelines for social media activities, you have not made social media a part of your daily arrangements, or contact with people you may or may not know on the Internet seems a bit unconventional. ( For more information, see: Why social media is a necessity for financial advisors.)

There may be some skeptics who think that communicating with others via the Internet is unprofessional. However, the fact is that customers want to get in touch through online channels because this is where they spend a lot of time and it’s convenient. Remember, professional social media networks like LinkedIn are not AOL chat rooms, nor are they in 1995. There are more than 400 million users on LinkedIn and more than 1 billion users on Facebook. It is safe to say that customers want to use social media channels as a means of communication.

Having said that, social media best practices and LinkedIn features can help consultants reach customers in a professional way. After all, LinkedIn’s purpose is to help you build connections, so they want it to do this as easily as possible. Here are four ways to connect on LinkedIn.

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Get in touch with existing customers

Sometimes it is impossible to try to contact customers via email and phone. In a busy life, people do not always have the opportunity to answer the phone. However, according to AdWeek, people spend 1.72 hours a day or 28% of their online time on social media channels. It is very convenient to contact them through these networks, and it increases the chance of getting in touch compared to a one-minute call. (For related reading, please see: How consultants use social media.)

Connect with potential customers

Although every consultant has a target niche market and a field of expertise, almost anyone can become a potential client. Before you contact, you never know what the customer needs or their personal finances.Easy to find potential customers People You May Know (In the upper right corner of your LinkedIn homepage) and advanced The search function on LinkedIn (located on the right side of the search bar at the top).You can use multiple criteria to search for potential customers advanced Search functions such as location, current company, industry, and school.

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It is easiest to start with a secondary relationship, because they are not completely unfamiliar. They will see that you have common contacts on LinkedIn, which will increase the chances of your contact invitation being accepted. Remember to personalize the message when applicable. It’s always good to put names and faces together.

Preparing for the first meeting

Connect with clients before the meeting, or at least check their LinkedIn profile so you can get to know them before the face-to-face meeting. It also gives customers the opportunity to get to know you. Keep your LinkedIn profile in sync with your latest education, experience, and certifications. (For more information, see: 7 main ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile.)

It is also helpful to add some personal information, such as your reasons for support, volunteer experience and hobbies, because it adds a personal dimension to your professional profile. These parts can all be found by clicking Personal Information-Edit Personal Information-Add a Part to Your Personal Information-View More. Letting customers understand your personal interests—and understand their interests—helps you find common ground. Maybe you all like running, support minor league baseball or have a passion for cooking. Common interests can help you break the deadlock when you meet for the first time.

Follow-up after the last meeting

If you have no chance to contact the client before the first meeting, you can contact them afterwards. This is a good way to follow up. Thank them for taking the time to meet with you and ask them if they have any questions based on your discussion. Whenever you have a reason to connect with potential customers, your chances of accepting an invitation increase.

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After customers establish contact with you on LinkedIn, they will see your profile, get your latest news, and be able to contact you directly at any time. This is why it is so important to stay active on social media networks every day by sharing useful information and writing your own blog posts. Every time you do this, your name will appear in front of all contacts, which keeps you in the first place. Maybe the customer is not at home to answer your call, but when they see your post on LinkedIn, it will remind them that they need to call you back.

Bottom line

Using social media networks as a way to grow networks, establish new connections, and share information with customers is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. The only question now is, are you on LinkedIn, and if so, have you made the most of it?


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