9 client activities to help you develop your financial advisory business

Client activities are an effective way for financial advisers to express gratitude, further develop the relationship between clients and advisers, and increase the chances of being introduced to clients’ friends and colleagues.

To be effective, these activities need to be interesting or informative, and most importantly, memorable. But remember, the ultimate goal is to strengthen customer relationships, get them excited to provide you with more ongoing business and recommend you to their friends and family.

Key points

  • Keeping customers engaged or potential customers excited is one of the most challenging roles for financial advisors to maintain business growth and success.
  • Traditional marketing techniques and customer management plans, such as sending birthday cards, occasional phone calls or email reminders, may be a good start, but they are usually not enough to truly stand out.
  • Spending time with customers and taking them to well-thought-out events is a huge change for your business and strengthens customer relationships.
  • Here, we recommend some innovative customer activities that you might want to consider.

Customer Appreciation Dinner

The customer dinner is the most basic thank you event and the most intimate. Invite customers to have dinner at a restaurant that suits their preferences. Invitations to a spouse and another couple are also a non-threatening way to meet new prospects.

You can also hold a larger-scale thank you dinner with all customers and potential customers. Rent a hall and offer dinners with drinks and music for adult-only events, or invite the kids to have a picnic in the local park. No matter what decision you make, focus on how much you appreciate them, not on selling new products or trying to persuade anyone to join other services.

Wine tasting

The wine tasting event is a derivative event of the customer appreciation dinner. Only wine and Appetizer Or enjoy a full dinner. Many restaurants offer wine tasting packages, with a sommelier to help entertain and explain wine choices. For more expensive options, various wines can be paired with different meals.

If this type of event is popular with your customers, please provide some each year and keep it interesting by focusing on different wine types each time: all red wines, all white wines, from a certain country or region Wine etc.

Estate or tax planning seminar

Seminars are a great way to provide value to customers and build relationships with other professionals. Find a local estate planning lawyer or accountant who is willing to introduce a subject to the client. Customers benefit because they learn a topic for free from professionals who usually charge a fee. Professionals benefit from marketing their services to new customers.

If the seminar goes well, your guest speakers may invite you to participate in similar events in their own office.

These activities are usually low cost and can be held in the office meeting room. If any of your clients work during the day, please consider using the seminar as a breakfast before the start of a normal working day or as a lunch and learning activity.

Market-related or guest speaker seminars

Market-related seminars are based on topics that are timely and of interest to customers. They can talk about financial news or the latest developments in new products.

Market seminars are effective because they help educate customers on the fundamentals of investment and other timely issues. Be careful not to make too many sales in this event. Keep it informative and let your customers contact you when they are interested in what you are discussing.

Speakers are another great way to provide value to customers. These speakers can discuss anything interesting and related to customer needs. For example, Alzheimer’s disease has been steadily increasing, and having experts discuss preventive measures with clients can be a rewarding and memorable event.

Painting activity

In this type of activity, the painting tutor will teach everyone how to draw the same painting. They provide paint, brushes, canvas, and sometimes wine.

Consultants can hold private meetings with art tutors and invite multiple clients. Be sure to include your spouse in the invitation-if they are hesitant to attend the financial planning meeting in your office, this may give you a chance to meet them.

Be sure to take a group photo of all the customers holding the paintings and send it to everyone via email.

Movie night

Renting a movie theater may not be as expensive as you think. Ask your local movie theater for packages including screenings, snacks and drinks. Ask your customers to vote for a movie or choose a show you think they will like.

If you don’t have enough customers to fill the theater, then encourage them to invite friends and relatives. Renting a theater for the premiere may be more expensive, but it will impress your customers and potential customers.

Sports clinic

Sports clinics can be tailored to your clients’ hobbies. Golf is generally popular with retired customers, and the golf clinic is a grand event. Organizing it at a local golf course with a coach will be very popular because golfers usually want to improve. In addition, you can open the clinic to golf course members in the hope that they may be looking for a financial advisor.

Personalized event or party

Customer-specific activities are tailored around important milestones in the customer’s life. Holding a party to celebrate these milestones will greatly increase the relationship between the client and the consultant. For example, if the client is about to retire, the consultant can host a surprise retirement party and invite the client’s friends and family. This also provides an opportunity for consultants to interact with new potential clients.

charity events

Holding a charity event is another good opportunity to invite customers. Invite your clients to participate in fundraising events or other activities of your favorite charity and show them that you care about matters outside of your business.

If the client is actively involved in charity, proactively offering help to host or participate in events may also improve your relationship.

It is important to remember that these events are related to your customers, not to you. Make choices based on what your customers will like to do or will benefit the most from, and keep sales to a minimum. Business is built on personal relationships, especially in financial planning and investment management.


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