Bloomberg Financial Analysis Tools

Bloomberg is a leader in providing market data from all over the world through its proprietary terminals, websites and applications. Financial professionals rely on the company’s free and paid services to conduct research and support their trading activities. In this article, we will discuss some of the top Bloomberg tools available and how to use them for financial analysis.

Bloomberg website

The Bloomberg website offers a large number of free and subscription-based tools and utilities, most of which provide customized views for each region or market.

  • News: Headlines and news affecting the market from all corners of the financial world.
  • Market: A must-read section, covering financial markets and their driving events.
  • Wealth: An important feature in personal finance, retirement planning, taxation, etc.
  • Watchlist: A personalized portfolio tracker for keeping an eye on your investments.
  • Broadcasting and podcasting: Bloomberg content, but in audio format, very suitable for people who move.
  • Other tools: Bloomberg also reports on politics and hot topics, such as environment, equality, and urban issues.
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Bloomberg Communications

These daily and weekly newsletters cover many financial topics, some of which are unique to Bloomberg subscribers. Some of these topics include:

  • Market opening and closing reports
  • Regional reports for the Americas, Asia and Europe
  • Environmental News and Green Finance
  • Technical reports and insights
  • Hollywood and Silicon Valley

Symbol search service

The Bloomberg Open Symbol System tool allows users to search and map different symbols used around the world (for example, SEDOL, CUSIP number, ISIN, stock exchange code, etc.).

Individual traders and investment companies use this service to integrate data from multiple sources with different symbols. For example, a mutual fund company may have two different data sources: one from Bloomberg that contains the Bloomberg symbol, and the other from the stock exchange that contains the local stock symbol. The symbology service supports cross-references to verify data from two sources. Another feature is its dedicated symbol search tool.

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Bloomberg Professional Services

The core of Bloomberg’s paid service is the Bloomberg terminal, which has an installed base of 325,000 units worldwide. Bloomberg terminals connect users with markets, tools, and data sources from all over the world. It is supported by a news gathering agency that has more than 2,700 journalists in 120 countries. The terminal also provides access to seller research and independent research from more than 1,500 sources.

In addition to charts, graphs, technical indicators and market data coverage, one of the main selling points of Bloomberg Terminal is its instant messaging function, which allows easy communication between individuals, specialized working groups and Bloomberg representatives.

Other aspects of Bloomberg’s professional services include execution and order management; content and data feeds; financial data management; data integration and distribution; and the Bloomberg Trade Manual, which provides access to 125 markets in 43 countries/regions.

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Bottom line

Bloomberg is the world leader in providing financial information. Although most market information is available online for free, professional investors have begun to rely on Bloomberg to meet their financial analysis and trading needs.


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