Day trading schools and courses

Whether you are a novice gamer or a veteran who wants to connect with other professionals, Day Trading School may provide you with the tools you need to succeed. But whether it is online courses, individual consultations or group meetings, not all day trading schools are created equal. In fact, they are very different in price and quality.

Key points

  • There are a large number of day trading schools that teach successful tools.
  • All qualified schools should help students gain insights into the markets they wish to trade in daytime, strategies to help them maximize profits, mentors, and continued support after the course is over.
  • The Day Trading Academy can focus on different markets, including stocks, futures and foreign exchange.

InvestingClue Academy’s “Become a Day Trader”

In 2017, InvestingClue launched Become a day trader course, Which covers everything from creating an overall trading plan to specific instructions for conducting transactions. After watching three hours of on-demand video and practicing simulated trading, the instructor will guide you step by step through six types of trading, and you can put it into practice immediately.

Choosing a day trading school: three elements

A high-quality day school should have the following three key elements:

  1. Base. This refers to a keen understanding of the market where you want to trade daytime, and strategies to help you maximize your profits. Such information can be obtained from online stock trading, options trading or futures trading courses and textbooks-usually only a little or even free. Many day trading schools even reveal their core strategies for free to attract them to participate in paid courses.
  2. Coaching. In order to achieve the success of intraday trading, you must accept critical feedback from objective observers, who can better evaluate your trading style. In short, it is difficult to self-analyze your intraday trading performance. Similar to the need for outsiders to correct your golf swing, the instructor’s keen eye is needed to detect and correct your intraday trading defects.
  3. Continuous support. It is possible to cultivate bad habits after graduation, so maintaining a strong network of supporters to control you is essential. Just like athletes, professional traders may experience a downturn, and without outside help, they may fall into a downward spiral to help them correct their course.


Although cost is an important factor when choosing a day trading school, it should not be the only consideration. Prospective students should also pay attention to the market covered, convenience, and opportunities to obtain tutors.

Day trading school

The day trading school focuses on different markets, such as stocks, futures and foreign exchange. The following day trading schools excel in their respective majors.

Note: The listed prices are subject to change.

Stock market course

This Online Trading Academy (OTA) is one of the largest trading schools and started as a training organization for trading floors in 1997. Although it initially offered daily tutoring courses, it quickly expanded its product range to provide courses, seminars, online courses and free trading resources. In 2001, a physical training center was opened. Today’s OTA community has more than 250,000 powerful traders.

Although the courses offered by OTA cover foreign exchange, futures and wealth management courses, it mainly focuses on stock market courses. For stock traders, the journey begins with a free half-day tutorial on creating a trading plan and implementing a rule-based trading system. Next is the core strategy course consisting of two parts. The first part costs US$5,000 and includes a five-day live seminar or 10 three-hour online courses. The second part (costing $2,000) may be a two-day live course, or it may be four three-hour online courses. After completing the training, students can retake the course as many times as necessary to update their knowledge.

OTA mainly focuses on the imbalance between supply and demand, which is a method that theoretically allows low-risk/high-return transactions. OTA also offers some professional courses on topics such as trading psychology and technical analysis strategies.

Online stock market courses

Day trading consultant Stefanie Kammerman, also known as Stock whisperer, Started trading in 1994 and started teaching her techniques in online chat rooms in 2010. Kammerman focuses on tape reading, finding big buyers and sellers, trading volume analysis, support and resistance, and dark pools. Her popular course “Counting the Cards of Wall Street” includes three pre-recorded courses at a cost of $99, $199, and $199. Those who master the card trilogy can sign up for her bi-weekly boot camp and live seminars, which include competitive simulated trading exercises.

Option Trading Course

Those interested in trading options may wish to consider TradePro AcademyThe Swing Trader course is used to trade short-term options for day and swing trading. Traders will learn reliable options trading strategies, in which the risks and rewards of each transaction are fixed. This course focuses on assessing volatility, placing orders, capital and trade management, and assessing profit and loss. The course provides students with a full day of real-time transactions at a monthly fee of US$99. The Trader Pro course of TradePro Academy focuses on futures trading and provides a daily real-time trading room. The monthly subscription fee for this service is US$129.

Futures Trading Course

This Day Trading Academy (DTA) By tracking the price of securities over a long period of time, it teaches traders how to deal with various market conditions in the futures field. DTA was founded in 2011 by professional day trader Marcello Arrambide, he is famous Wandering Merchant Blog.

DTA courses are divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced and professional parts. Topics range from simple topics (such as resistance zones, trend lines, and price behavior) to more advanced concepts (such as trading psychology, emotional intelligence, and high-probability trading).

Those interested in this project can participate in a live trading course for free. The course is currently $2,997 and includes all online visits, three months of one-on-one instruction, weekly webinars and real-time trading courses, and video review. Packages with extra instruction time are also available.

Bottom line

A high-quality day trading academy can provide traders with the solid professional knowledge foundation they need to thrive. Long after the educational program is over, a continuous support network can go a long way in promoting lasting success.


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