Does Google Drive integrate with Salesforce?

Does Google Drive integrate with Salesforce?

Drive Connect is the easiest way to link Google Drive files to Salesforce records and generate Google Docs from Salesforce data. Create and track proposals, quotes, account plans, contracts, invoices, opportunity notes, QBRs and more with just a few clicks.

How does Salesforce integrate with Google Docs?

In Salesforce Classic Setup, enter Google Apps Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Google Apps Settings. Click Edit next to Add Google Docs to Salesforce in the Enable Google Apps Services list. Select Activate. Read and indicate if you accept the terms of use.

How do I upload from Google Drive to Salesforce?

To create this feature in your Salesforce org, follow the steps:

  1. Create a “Download File” button on the record page where your users want to download the file from.
  2. By clicking the button, call your custom visualforce page.
  3. On the Visualforce page, create a file upload entry using

Is Salesforce compatible with Google?

Google Drive for Files Connect: With Salesforce Files Connect, you can easily attach Google Drive files to Salesforce Chatter records, processes, and posts (coming soon to Salesforce Essentials, available to other editions)

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What is File Connect in Salesforce?

Files Connect can be configured to consider SharePoint custom properties (custom columns, custom content type, Office 365 document metadata) in search, SOQL, and SOSL queries. This way, Salesforce users can simultaneously browse Salesforce and SharePoint for files and records through CRM search.

What is Salesforce Connect?

Salesforce Connect is an integration tool that uses and displays data from your external CRM or ERP system as if the Salesforce platform stores the data itself.

Can Google Docs be added to Salesforce CRM content?

Adding existing Google Docs to a Salesforce CRM content library. If you have an existing Google Doc, you can publish it to a library: on the Libraries tab, choose Add Existing Doc from the Add Google Doc drop-down button. Select the Google document you want to add to Salesforce CRM Content and click Contribute.

How to link Salesforce to Google Sheets?

Step 2: Log in to Salesforce

  1. If you haven’t already, open a sheet in Google Sheets.
  2. At the top, click Add-ons Data Connector for Salesforce.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Click Allow.
  5. From the drop-down menu, choose the Salesforce environment you want to connect to.
  6. Click Allow.
  7. Log in with your Salesforce username and password.
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Does Salesforce sync with Gmail?

Note Gmail integration is also available for Salesforce Classic users. See Gmail integration. Gmail to Salesforce lets you automatically log emails. It also lets you log chats you send from your Mails account as activity on leads, contacts, opportunities, and other records that support activity history.

Does Salesforce use Google Cloud?

As part of this agreement, Salesforce has appointed Google Cloud as the preferred public cloud provider to support our rapidly growing global customer base. We plan to use Google Cloud Platform for our core services as we expand our international infrastructure.

Is there a way to connect Google Drive to Salesforce?

The introduction of Salesforce Files Connect has greatly simplified the process of exposing data from Google Drive files to Salesforce users. Previously, this required accessing data through Google’s Web Services APIs. Files Connect provides connectors for Google Drive.

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What can you do with Files Connect in Salesforce?

As the name suggests, the most obvious use for Files Connect is the ability to access documents stored in Google Drive from within Salesforce. For example, a proposal document that resides in Google Drive can be attached to a prospect that resides in Salesforce. Files Connect can be configured in copy mode or reference mode.

How does Files Connect work with Google Drive?

Files Connect provides connectors for Google Drive. Once installed and configured, external data sources can be created to allow employees to access data from Google Drive in Salesforce. What is Files Connect? As the name suggests, the most obvious use for Files Connect is the ability to access documents stored in Google Drive from within Salesforce.

Where can I find a copy of a document in Salesforce?

In Reference mode, a copy of the file is not stored in Salesforce and there is simply a reference to the document in Google Drive. Any access to the file in Salesforce will require the user to have access to the file in Google Drive.

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