Is growing broccoli profitable?

Is growing broccoli profitable?

At the rate of Rs 25 per kg in the wholesale market, a farmer can earn around Rs 3 lakh for broccoli produced on one acre. One broccoli, which resembles cabbage and cauliflower vegetables, yields 800g of production, he added.

How many broccoli heads do you get per acre?

Depending on the type of seeder used (random or precision), you should sow 0.5 to 1.5 pounds of broccoli seed per acre, with seeds spaced 12 to 18 inches apart in 36-inch rows. When transplanting, you must have a minimum of 11,000 plants per acre.

How do you grow broccoli from a farm?

Broccoli can germinate in soil at temperatures as low as 5°C. Broccoli requires full sun and moist, fertile, slightly acidic soil. Work in 2 to 4 inches of rich compost or a thin layer of manure before planting. Transplant seedlings at the 4-5 true leaf stage about 25-30 days after sowing.

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How much does broccoli cost per acre?

To produce these heads, broccoli is planted at populations of up to 40,000 plants per acre. Typical plantings are double rows in 38 to 42 inch raised beds with 12 to 14 inches between rows and 5 to 6 inches between plants within the row. Some growers use wide beds, 76 to 80 inches wide with four rows per bed.

How Much Does Broccoli Make?

About 129,400 acres of broccoli were harvested in 2017. The average broccoli yield in 2017 was 157.6 quintals (7.9 tons) per acre, down 10% from 2015.

How long does broccoli take to grow?

55-85 days
Your broccoli will be ready to harvest 55 to 85 days after sowing. When the broccoli heads are firm and tight, cut them with a sharp knife.

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What’s the best way to grow a broccoli plant?

Quick Guide to Growing Broccoli 1 Plant Broccoli During Cool 2 Space Broccoli Plants According 3 Prior to Planting, Improve Nativ 4 Keep Soil Moist by Giving Broc 5 Get the Most From Your Broccoli 6 Spread a Thick Layer d’orga 7 The time and temperature are 8 Harvest the broccoli when the cent…

When to plant broccoli seeds in the UK?

Sow the seeds in peat-free compost modules every six weeks from spring to fall. Thin the seedlings and plant them when they are large enough to handle. Grow in well prepared fertile alkaline soil and keep well watered. As with all crucifers, consider growing broccoli in a mesh cage to protect against cabbage white caterpillars.

What should the soil pH be before planting broccoli?

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Soil pH should be slightly acidic, between 6.0 and 7.0. To increase fertility before planting, in early spring, work in 2 to 4 inches of rich compost or a thin layer of manure. (Learn more about soil amendments and preparing the ground for planting.) If starting outdoors, sow seeds ½ inch deep and 3 inches apart.

How much fertilizer do I need to plant broccoli?

Before planting, add 150g per square meter of general purpose fertilizer such as Growmore or, if manure or other rotting organic matter has been plowed in, use half the fertilizer. From April the seeds can be sown outdoors where the plants are to grow; sow three seeds 2 cm (¾ in) deep, every 30 cm (12 in) along the row.

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