Is growing stevia profitable?

Is growing stevia profitable?

The cost of Stevia leaves per kg: Rs 100.00 (average price of the product). The net annual income of Stevia CULTIVATION: Rs 2, 70,000.00. During the 1st year, the profit made by Stevia CULTIVATION is: (Rs 2, 70,000.00 – Rs 2, 19,500.00) Rs 50,500.00.

Is growing stevia profitable in India?

While a sustainable sale price is around c. 80–100 INR per kg of dried leaves. As such, the revenue from 1 acre of Stevia is between 1.2 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs per acre per year. Net of expenses, a committed farmer should be able to earn between 1 and 1.75 lakhs per acre per year in profit.

How long does stevia take to grow?

about 40 days
Stevia is ready to harvest about 40 days after transplanting. It is best just before the flowers form. Stevia leaves are sweeter than the stem, so only the leaves are generally used.

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How do you start a stevia farm?

Environment and soil requirements for cultivation A long day length is helpful for better leaf yield. A relative humidity of 65-80% is suitable for proper growth and development. Stevia grows well in sandy loam soil with a pH between 5.0 and 7.5 and requires warm, sunny weather.

Why is stevia expensive?

Two decades have passed since Indian farmers first became interested in stevia. Input costs are still high because the crop can only be propagated by expensive methods like stem cutting or tissue culture. Its sweetness, often 300 times that of sugar, comes from a class of compounds called steviol glycosides.

Can stevia grow from cuttings?

You can plant stevia seeds or cuttings after the threat of the last frost has passed. To start your stevia early, plant the seeds or cuttings indoors and transplant them to the garden later.

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How much stevia can be produced per acre?

By selecting a high yielding cultivar with good crop management skills and proper care, an average. a production of 3000 kg of dried stevia leaves can be produced per unit acre of land. However, the production of stevia leaves can be increased with proper care and good farm management practices.

What is the best soil for growing stevia?

This state that we can also operate this commercial agriculture in low-lying areas where rainfall is low. For the successful cultivation of Stevia, a sandy loam soil with proper drainage power, rich in organic matter and red in color is considered as the unused soil for its cultivation.

What are the health benefits of the stevia plant?

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Below is a list of some health benefits of the stevia plant. The Stevia plant is used as a natural sweetener because it has a high sugar content compared to normal sugar with zero calories. The Stevia plant is the most used by the diabetic patient to reduce blood sugar levels. The use of stevia plants or leaves is also helpful in protecting gums and teeth.

Is it good to use chemical fertilizers on stevia plants?

Due to the many health benefits of using the leaves of the stevia plant, they are directly consumed by humans on a large scale. For this reason, it is good not to use any type of chemical fertilizer or insecticide in its cultivation to maintain its quality.

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