Is IFMA a non-profit organization?

Is IFMA a non-profit organization?

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA – The IFMA Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making facilities management (FM) a career of choice, has…

When was the IFMA created?

October 1980
International Facilities Management Association / Founded

What does facility management include?

Facilities management can be defined as the tools and services that support the functionality, security and sustainability of buildings, land, infrastructure and real estate. Facilities management includes: Lease management, including lease administration and accounting. Emergency management and business continuity.

How much does IFMA membership cost?

Take charge of your career. Join us today and join the largest network of facility management professionals. FM Professional membership costs $219 per year. Check out the full list of membership benefits below to see everything we offer.

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What is the FMP certification?

For years, the Foodservice Management Professional (FMP) certification has recognized outstanding managers and supervisors who have achieved a high level of knowledge, experience and professionalism in our industry. Certification does not expire and will retain its value as a professional achievement.

How to join the IFMA?

In order for you to get the most out of your first year with the IFMA, new members must join a component (local chapter, council or community). After the first year of membership, membership in the local chapter, council or community is optional. You can join one or more component groups.

Is the FMP title worth it?

The IFMA reports that earning the FMP® designation is a great way to enhance your knowledge, improve your skills, and gain immediate credibility with your employers, clients, and peers.

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Is the facility manager a good job?

Facilities management is a good career There are opportunities in all industries and types of businesses. Salary is above average and competitive across the spectrum. The future is bright for facility management. As a child, you may have seen yourself becoming a doctor, an astronaut, or a superhero growing up.

Is the CFM exam difficult?

The pass rate for the IFMA CFM exam is 70%. It sounds weak and easy to achieve, but that is not the case with the CFM exam. The Certified Facility Manager exam is not easy to pass without proper preparation.

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