Is the Bird scooter profitable?

Is the Bird scooter profitable?

The far bigger change is that Bird says he’s got his spending under control during COVID. So its rides were actually profitable in 75% of its cities in the second half of last year, even during the winter months and even taking into account the depreciation of its scooter fleet.

Is a bird scooter worth it?

Its range is one of the best of any e-scooter we’ve tested, so it’ll suit people on longer journeys, and its acceleration rate was perfect for comfortable starts. However, these features don’t do much to improve the experience.

Can I take a bird scooter home?

Nothing – you are free to take one. But you can’t ride it unless you log into the app to activate it, and they charge your credit card by the minute. Here’s the cool thing about them: you can take them home and charge them, and the company WILL PAY YOU to do it.

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What is the profit margin of Bird scooters?

So the company understood growth; however, its profitability is another matter. As the graph above shows, Bird has a diverse set of income costs. Let’s explore them. Bird’s gross margin is 19%.

How much does it cost to charge a bird electric scooter?

Cost of charging a scooter per Bird: The base case assumes that it costs Bird an average of $20 to charge a scooter each day. The majority of this figure is the cost incurred by the company to collect each scooter from its current location, bring it to the nearest charging point, and return it to a suitable location once charging is complete.

How much money does sharing Bird scooters make?

Bird’s average revenue per trip in the base scenario is $4.75 as shown in the table above, which equates to a total revenue of $1,425 for the company over the assumed lifetime of 300 rides of a scooter. The company’s main operating expenses are as follows:

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Which is cheaper, Lime or Bird scooters?

Which is cheaper, Bird or Lime? Lime scooters are currently Bird’s biggest competitor. There are a ton of other scooter companies out there, like Spin, but these two have gotten the most VC funding and have grown in most markets. So which is the cheapest? Well, neither, really.

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