Prepare for the first client meeting

Your first face-to-face meeting with potential customers is important because this is where you show off your ability to meet customer needs. But before the first handshake, potential customers need to be impressed. In fact, even before you meet in person, you can take a few steps to show your customers your best face.

Key points

  • The first impression is important-so be prepared, organized, friendly, punctual, and dress to make a lasting impression.
  • Research your customers ahead of time so that you best connect with them on a personal level.
  • Don’t forget to show your identity to your customers-you are experienced, professional and ready to help meet their needs.
  • Make sure they can easily find you through multiple communication methods so that they can use their favorite method.

Do your research

Before the first meeting, your job is to conduct some research on potential customers. Find out what this person cares most about. What are they looking for in terms of financial and estate planning? In addition, what are their hobbies, interests and dreams for the future? All of these can play a role when you discuss financial planning options. It will also show that you care about individuals and are curious about their goals-not only as a customer, but as a person seeking a fulfilling life and a safe financial future.

You can read information about your customers and their interests online on various social media platforms. You should also conduct some research on the individual’s workplace by looking at the company website. A client’s work location can tell you a lot about the type of stress this person may face and how they perceive the market. It can also show you some of their concerns about the business they are engaged in.

Show your profession

After initial phone conversations with customers, send them an autograph letter or email expressing that you like talking to them and look forward to meeting them in person to discuss their financial situation. This will not do any harm to the future and goals. You should also send them your business card and provide all your contact information in case they want to contact you before the first meeting.Send your own bio or CV It is also a plus for potential customers, because it allows customers to learn more about you and your qualifications, and see that you are a person who has established a business just like them.

It’s also a good idea to send a financial questionnaire to all potential customers for them to fill out, and they can return it to you for review before the initial meeting. After reviewing the questionnaire, you will be better prepared to talk about how your client might want to make progress in placing their assets and managing their estate. The other documents you might want your customers to bring with them at the first meeting are their tax returns and account statements. And ready to answer questions. By looking at your customers’ answers to financial questionnaires, you should be able to foresee what questions they might ask you.

Find you easily

Before meeting for the first time, please double check with the client to make sure they know exactly where you are meeting with them, whether in your office or another location. Provide customers with routes and maps so they are less likely to get lost. It is best to call them the day before the meeting to remind them of the time and place of the meeting, and to find out if they have any other questions for you before the meeting. Don’t forget to express that you look forward to meeting them and let them know that you are confident that you can meet their financial planning needs.

Prepare the first impression

If you have a meeting in an office, let your employees know the names of potential customers and their estimated time. In this way, when they enter the office, they can be greeted immediately in a personalized way. Ask the staff to provide them with drinks, of course, please make sure you are on time. You don’t want potential customers to have to wait for you before they know you. And don’t forget to dress professionally and make sure your office is clean and tidy.

Bottom line

The first impression is really important, which is why you must prepare for the first meeting with a client. Before meeting with potential customers, get to know them as much as possible, and you will convince them that you are the right person to answer their questions and achieve their financial goals.


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