Top 5 competitors for StubHub ticket resale

StubHub operates one of the largest online ticket resale markets in the world. The company brings ticket buyers and ticket sellers together and allows them to use the company’s website or mobile application to conduct transactions. As a subsidiary of eBay Inc. (EBAY), StubHub has been operating since 2000 and is one of the most well-known online ticket markets. This is not to say that StubHub’s competitors have not caught up to its tail: the company faces fierce competition from several other online ticketing services. Here are some of the biggest competitors (or StubHub alternatives) in the ticketing market.

Seat geek

SeatGeek operates a search engine that allows buyers to check multiple sources of event tickets. Buyers enter event information into search engines, and search engines return dozens of ticket purchase options. Each option will receive a dedicated transaction score. A higher transaction score means you can expect better value when buying. The search engine also returns interactive stadiums, arenas and venue seating maps, allowing customers to select precise seats for the event.

The map also shows the transaction score for each seat. SeatGeek provides customers with the use of its website and mobile applications. Customers can choose to receive alerts to notify them if their favorite artist or team is performing in their city. The advantage of search engines is that they can aggregate results from multiple suppliers and allow customers to compare prices. SeatGeek also provides buyers with multiple security guarantees.

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Founded in 2001, Razorgator provides tickets for concerts, sports events, drama productions, etc. The company has been selling tickets for nearly two decades and claims to sell the most types of guaranteed tickets on the entire network. Like Ticket Liquidator, Razorgator promises that tickets will arrive on time and enter the event effectively. It also promises that the tickets are the same as the tickets ordered by the customer, equal to or better.

Finally, if these conditions are not met, the company promises a money-back guarantee. Customers can order tickets through the company’s website or app, or pay by credit or debit card. All customers can choose to receive their tickets via digital e-ticket download, e-transfer, physical transportation or local pickup.


Although Ticketmaster is primarily a platform for buying new tickets and verified tickets for events ranging from sports games to concerts, in recent years, Ticketmaster has used its user base that needs to resell tickets to create fan-to-fan resale. It was originally established in 1976 as one of the largest entertainment platforms and merged with Live Nation in 2009.

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Ticketmaster boasted that even the transferred or resold tickets are 100% verified on its platform, which is one step higher than the “money-back guarantee” that the buyer happens to receive a fake ticket and cannot participate in the specific sports competition he wants to participate in.

Ticket liquidator

Ticket Liquidator runs a website and provides access to a mobile application that connects ticket buyers with sellers. The company was founded in 2003 and provides tickets for concerts, performances, sports events and other popular events. Unlike StubHub, which operates as a broker, Ticket Liquidator connects its users directly with sellers to negotiate transactions.

In addition, unlike StubHub, Ticket Liquidator only accepts sellers who have been carefully reviewed and deemed qualified and trustworthy. Therefore, Ticket Liquidator provides its customers with the following guarantees:

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  • All tickets are legal and valid.
  • All tickets are the same, equal to or better than the buyer’s requirements.
  • All tickets are delivered before the event, if the event is permanently cancelled, the buyer will receive a refund.
  • If the seller fails to fulfill any of these promises, Ticket Liquidator promises to provide a 100% money-back guarantee.

Vivid seat

Vivid Seats is another competitor of StubHub, which sells tickets for popular events. Unlike StubHub, the company screens and reviews its sellers to ensure the safety of buyers. As the third largest online ticket distributor, Vivid Seats ensures that it conducts transactions anonymously and will never pass buyer’s information to sellers.

In addition, like Ticket Liquidator and Razorgator, Vivid Seats has also made a customer service commitment to purchasing customers. The company promises that the tickets are valid and authentic, delivered before the event, and are the same, equal or better than the tickets ordered by the customer. If Vivid Seats fails to fulfill these promises, it also provides a 100% money-back guarantee and a dedicated internal customer service team for its buyers and sellers.


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