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Transformco is a privately held holding company established in February 2019 to acquire the surviving assets of Sears Holding Company, which in turn owns Kmart and Sears Roebuck and Co. The latter holding company was established in 2004 by the merger of Kmart and Sears for US$11 billion, a 134-year-old company. Sears was in financial trouble, and the parent company filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 on October 15, 2018. Although Sears won the bankruptcy auction in January 2019, the company has been closing stores on a large scale ever since — it has closed more than 3,500 stores in the past 15 years. shop. So which stores will Sears own in 2020? Look at the few remaining respectable Sears subsidiaries.


The Kenmore Appliances brand is owned by Sears but is manufactured by multiple electrical appliance manufacturers. The brand has a long history of more than 100 years and was first introduced on sewing machines in 1913. Electrical appliances include washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and freezers. Manufacturers include LG, Panasonic and Whirlpool. Kenmore is available at all Sears retail stores and since 2005, at all Kmart retail stores. Kenmore’s HD and Ultra HD TVs, refrigerators and washing machines are some of its best-selling products. Today, the department store chain announced that it will start selling Kenmore appliances on (AMZN). Some of the Sears subsidiary devices also include integration with Amazon’s Alexa platform.

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Key points

  • Sears Holdings is owned by its parent company Transformco, and its long history can be traced back to 1886.
  • Although the company filed for bankruptcy in October 2018, the company won the bankruptcy auction in February 2019 and announced that it would continue to operate.
  • Today, its remaining subsidiaries that have not been sold or acquired include Kenmore, Wally Labs, Shop Your Way and Monark.

Shop as you like

Sears entered the e-commerce game through Shop Your Way, a free shopping rewards program that provides millions of products, personalized services and recommendations. Members can earn points through online shopping to get cash back, and they can also contact friends and family.

Monark Advanced Appliances

The Monark Sears subsidiary sells high-end home appliances and, according to its website, “serves architects, builders, designers, developers, and homeowners.” It has more than 20 showrooms on the West Coast and Florida for professionals to select the best cooking, cooling and cleaning equipment. Some of the brands it sells include Bosch, GE Monogram, Miele and Thermador.

Honorable mention: Lands’ End

Lands’ End was originally established in 1963 as a sailing equipment company. The company expanded its business to include casual clothing and general furniture in online and mail-order catalogs. The misplaced apostrophe at the end of Lands’ is a typo and cannot be recovered due to budget constraints. Sears acquired Lands’ End in 2002 for $1.9 billion in cash. The company expanded its clothing line to include Canvas, Sport, Lighthouse and Business Outfitters. As the company became more and more popular, Lands’ End was split into a public company (listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the name LE) in 2014.

Honorable mention: DieHard

This popular car battery series was introduced in 1967. DieHard sells batteries for medium and high-priced heavy-duty vehicles, ships, recreational vehicles, power sports and lawn mowers. It also sells chargers, inverters, tools, alkaline batteries and work boots. DieHard expanded its core business to include its own tire brand. The company initially offered a lifetime warranty when it sold its battery and claimed that it was for “permanent use” when it was first introduced in 1967. In the end, the company changed the policy to include a seven-year warranty and two-year free replacement of its top battery. Although DieHard can still be found in Sears Automotive Supply and Repair Shops, Advance Auto Parts acquired the DieHard brand for US$200 million on December 23, 2019.

Honorable mention: Craftsman

Marion-Craftsman Tool Company sold the rights to Craftsman to Sears, and Sears registered the trademark on May 20, 1927. The middle-tier Craftsman brand tools are sold to ordinary retail consumers in a way that balances quality and value. The premium brands Craftsman Professional and Craftsman Industrial are high-quality tools dedicated to industry professionals and contractors. On January 5, 2017, the company announced that it would sell the Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker Inc (SWK) for US$525 million, and pay an additional US$250 million in cash within three years, and sell Craftsman in the next 15 years 2.5-3.5% of the amount annually. However, the payment of the latter depends on whether Ba & Decker maintains and increases the brand’s market share.


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