Use these tips to quickly develop your financial consulting company

It is very difficult to start a financial consulting business, which is an understatement. This is full of long days, trying to promote your company and sell your services, but not doing what you really want to do-working one-on-one with customers.

When you start practicing, all you really want to do is help people save and plan for their future. To realize their dreams. But now you just find yourself exhausted emotionally and physically.

Now you want to know, “How can I grow my company and grow fast so that I can start doing what I really want to do?” Before we discuss some ways to grow the business, let’s talk about the word “fast” .

What is this about

It may take years to develop a financial consulting company, especially from scratch, for good reasons. The financial advisory business has nothing to do with investment or planning. This is about the relationship you build with your customers. Before anyone gives money to you, they want to know, like and trust you. You will rarely meet someone at a social dinner, they will sign up for your service the next morning. They need time to get to know you before they can hand over their hard-earned money.

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With this in mind, you should market in a way that focuses on building trust and relationships. Unfortunately, this does not always happen quickly. But if you keep working hard to get potential customers to know, like, and trust you, it will happen faster than if your marketing is not focused on building relationships.

Here are three ways to develop your practice while focusing on relationships.

New Age Network

The web is not an attempt to build a company’s new technology, but you rarely see a financial advisor do it the right way. Instead of looking for clues, it is better to participate in every activity to build friendship. Even if the people you meet will never become customers, learn how to help them without asking for anything in return. (For related reading, please see: Educating potential customers on how to win new customers for you.)

Remember what the powerful salesman Zig Ziglar said: “You can have everything you want, as long as you can help others get what they want.” Make friends and help others grow, and you will begin to build relationships with other people. , They will be happy to recommend you or become your customer because they know, like and trust you.

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Valuable volunteer service

Find one or two non-profit organizations you like and start volunteering. This is a great way to meet like-minded people, help the community, and build new relationships. After working in the same organization for a while, you will begin to build relationships with those around you. They know and trust you because you persevere and dedicate your free time to help others.

When people ask to recommend an advisor, your name will come to mind. Remember again that people will recommend people they know and trust, selflessness in the context of volunteers can help achieve this goal.

Try public speaking

Speaking in front of a group is a great way to build credibility and promote yourself. When you speak in front of someone, you are automatically considered an expert. However, when you try to build trust with new potential customers, remember one thing: don’t sell. (For related reading, please see: Important tips for staffing your consulting company.)

This may be contrary to what most people said at the end of the speech that you should do, but because you are in the financial industry, most people will automatically seek to sell and gain. Treat your speech from an educational point of view, the audience can take the information out of the room and still serve them. Then, when they need someone to help, they may be more inclined to call you.

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You can do two things to open the door to the audience. First, tell everyone that you will stay after the presentation to answer any questions. This will enable those who are interested to come forward and start a conversation, and make them feel like they are in charge. Second, tell the audience that if they want a copy of the slideshow, they should email you so that you can send it over. In this way, they can initiate a contact to get something; this is not a face-to-face sales strategy.

Bottom line

The fastest way to grow your consulting business is to create a scene where people know you, like you, and trust you. Do this by helping others achieve their goals and through education rather than sales. You will be surprised how fast your business has grown. (For more information, see: Important tips to get more customer recommendations.)


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